Aerospace Company

Making machines that make life easier and developing machines that we all dream about.

Full in-house research & development, from design and verification to production of the final product.

  • Numerical computations
    We create full digital twins of our products, represented by models based on fundamental laws of nature, in order to rapidly design, optimize, verify, and produce components with a fully open-source and transparent toolchain.
  • Production
    From a wide range of metal alloys to precisely designed state of the art composite materials with manufacturing technology tailored to every part with the most extreme flight conditions in mind.
  • Electronics
    Electrical signals go through the body of each of our products, connecting various subsystems developed for flight controlling with redundancy, power source management, computer vision, and high-performance, secure, and uninterruptable radio data and video links.
  • Power sources and propulsion
    We know that there is no universal solution, so we use everything from electric and hybrid solutions to gasoline and solid fuel with appropriate propulsors.
  • Full-stack programming
    From tiny embedded computers and graphical interfaces to apps implementing artificial intelligence and desktop programs, we take them all seriously as our life-critical systems.
  • Experiments
    We have trust in our mathematical models but we know that they can be better with every new experiment result, every propulsor, power source, aerodynamic, structural, or flight test makes our products better and more secure.
All of the above has been applied to the following showcase projects.




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