Behind each solution embedded into our products, behind every idea and even the smallest detail, behind every single decision, proudly stands our team of people, backbone and most valuable asset of our company.
Here are some of our team (and family) members. You can contact them with specific questions according to their role in the company and their research fields.

Tijana Petrašinović

Director and Aerospace Engineer at PR-DC

After working for a few years as an engineer in jet engine maintenance, Tijana returned to our family company with the necessary experience. Besides the aerospace engineering job, she is in charge of business to business activities, company organization, and further growth and expansion.

Jovana Letunica

Marketing And Public Relations Manager at PR-DC

If you are interested in our products, you are probably looking for Jovana. She will be more than happy to help you with information about our company and product and the procurement process.

Željko Mitrović

Founder and Owner of Pink Media Group

His passion for aviation and aerospace engineering has led to the formation of both AIR PINK (a business aviation company) and PR-DC which are part of Pink Media Group, a leading media corporation in Southeast Europe.

Nikola Petrašinović

Co-Owner and Aerospace Engineer at PR-DC

In the end, all ideas have to be materialized in order to create our products. Nikola is an aerospace engineer oriented toward the production part of the projects. He is in charge of series production, assembly and quality control.

Miloš Petrašinović

Co-Owner and Aerospace Engineer at PR-DC

As a project leader for the IKA lineup of drones, Miloš is focused on design and numerical computations. He is in charge of the company's fully digital operation and is the IT architect of company systems and products, taking care of software development and electronics software integration.

Mihailo Petrović

Co-Owner and Aerospace Engineer at PR-DC

Considering that our products have to fly, Mihailo has the goal of at least making them as light as possible, but strong and durable at the same time. He is achieving that using state-of-the-art composite materials, the most advanced production processes and a lot of experiments.

Veljko Petrović

Co-Owner and Drone Engineer at PR-DC

At the point where mechanics meet electronics, you can find Veljko's role in the company. From numerical structural analysis and computational fluid dynamics, electronics development and embedded systems programming (and debugging), to flight testing at the end.

Uroš Letunica

Aerospace Engineer at PR-DC

Whether we need a new design, a 3D photorealistic render, a product animation or a CNC machined part, Uroš will get it done in no time. He is involved in the creation of rapid prototypes using advanced manufacturing processes but also in the manufacturing of our standard products.

Tijana Petrašinović

Account Manager at PR-DC

When all engineers vanish because they do not want to deal with (non-technical) papers and banks, you will most certainly reach Tijana. She is not just an account manager, but also our finance manager and lead economist.

Danilo & Olivera Petrašinović

We have a very young team, which is good in a way that we are all used to and can keep up with the latest technologies and scientific breakthroughs. On the other hand, young people usually do not have enough professional or life experience to take on large and complex projects on their own.

We are more than thankful that this is not the case with our team. That's because the roots of the company date back to the year 1981 when Danilo and Olivera Petrašinović (in that time Jovanović) met at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Belgrade where they studied aerospace engineering together. Many years later, Danilo and Olivera have four children (three of them you can find above) and all of them are also aerospace engineers. Danilo is now a professor teaching aircraft structural analysis at the same faculty, while Olivera spent more than a decade at the Military Technical Institute in Belgrade, working on aircraft armament. Today, they still keep all the dots connected and take care of each young talent as of their own child.

Besides the rest of our hardworking team, we have many individuals from industry, science, and academia involved in our projects, but we are also proud of the opportunity to cooperate with many domestic companies on our valuable products and export them to the rest of the world.


If you are hardworking and passionate about the future of aerospace industry and if you can imagine yourself as a part of our team working on exciting projects, check open positions now.